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People's daily focuses on "machine substitutions" to upgrade Dongguan industrial workers
From: YISHUN SHOES MACHINE Post date: 2018-11-01

 When the phenomenon of machine replacement in some enterprises in the eastern region of China is heating up, and when the machine increases labor productivity by tens of times, some people worry that the "machine replacement" era is coming? Will it cause a large number of migrant workers to lose their jobs? In response, Dongguan's answer is: let migrant workers become "new industrial workers".
A few days ago, the People's Daily published a series of reports focusing on "machine replacement" - migrant workers in transition, focusing on Dongguan as the representative of the eastern region "machine replacement" phenomenon, demonstrating Dongguan through "machine replacement" to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, but also to promote the transformation of migrant workers into modern. Industrial workers.
Machine substitution promotes Dongguan's industrial transformation and upgrading
A computer loom can replace 8 workers, and the whole town has over 40 thousand CNC looms. At the beginning of the report, the camera was pointed at Dalang, an important woolen industry town in Dongguan, which profoundly demonstrated the "machine revolution" of the woolen industry in Dalang Town.
The report quotes the personal experience of Zhou Lifang, a textile worker, and compares the changes in work efficiency before and after the "machine change": CNC looms can weave 10 sweaters in half an hour, which is equivalent to the workload of the past five days. As a production line worker who has worked in a woolen garment factory for 10 years, Zhou Lifang has studied computer looms since 2008. Because she has a quick eye, she can see 8 machines by herself, which is middle to top level in the industry.
For Zhou Lifang, the work is much easier now. "In the past, when people went to pull a machine manually, they often pinched their fingers. Now just press the button on the finger, the machine can operate according to the program." As a skilled worker, her monthly salary rose to more than 3500 yuan.
Why does Dalang town vigorously promote "machine substitution"?
In this regard, the report interviewed the woolen clothing factory director Li Yunlai, he said the main reason is that workers are difficult to recruit, high wages. At present, skilled workers in the textile industry are generally paid about 3,000 yuan, and a computer loom can save 30 workers, and labor costs can be reduced by 1/6-1/8, he said. The domestic loom is 100 thousand -13 yuan per unit, and the investment can be recovered quickly.
For Li Yun, the replacement of machinery brings not only the improvement of labor efficiency, "Now the social security pressure is less, the rate of defective products is lower, the quality is more guaranteed, in the past never look for our high-end brand orders can also be received."
It is not just Li Yunlai's enterprises that save the cost through the "machine substitution". In Yingqi Industrial Co., Ltd., there were almost no workers in the large workshop. The company's director said that in the past there were more than 400 workers in the hand loom department, but now all hand looms have been eliminated. He made an account for reporters: "A computer loom is 2.5 times more efficient than a hand loom, the company has 1000 computer looms, can hire 4000 fewer people, only one process of weaving will save 80% of labor costs."
According to statistics, the total number of CNC looms in Dalang Town has exceeded 40,000 by the end of 2013. According to one CNC loom instead of eight workers, more than 300,000 industrial workers can be saved. The story of Dalang takes place in every town street in Dongguan. A few days ago, Dongguan Economic and Commercial Bureau and other departments on 441 enterprises research and development found that in the past five years, investment funds to carry out machine replacement enterprises accounted for 66%.
Skills training to transform migrant workers into industrial workers
When the phenomenon of machine replacement warms up in some enterprises and when machines increase labor productivity by tens of times, some people worry that the era of "machine replacement" is coming? Will it cause a large number of migrant workers to lose their jobs?
While focusing on the "machine replacement" to promote the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan's industry, the report also pays special attention to the fate of migrant workers in the transformation and upgrading.
The report does not shy away from "machine replacement" to increase the employment of migrant workers returning home, more and more people are optimistic about employment at home, the transfer of employment in the western province accelerated.
The report also stressed that the acceleration of industrialization and the transformation and upgrading of industries are the general trend. Migrant workers are becoming an important part of industrial workers, in terms of skills and quality, we must adapt to the requirements of transformation and upgrading as soon as possible. Making migrant workers become "new industrial workers" is not only helpful to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, but also the due meaning of the new urbanization.
The report continues to aim at Dongguan. Xiao Zhang worked in a shoe factory in Dongguan Houjie for three years. When she heard that the factory organized technical training, she immediately signed up. Li Tao, from Shaoyang, Hunan, went to an in-service university through the "dream project". She said: "The transformation of enterprises from processing trade to high-tech development, the demand for employees is also rising, not keeping up with the trend, which means that there is no opportunity for development."
It is reported that migrant workers should be quicker to transform into modern industrial workers. In Dongguan, 500,000 migrant workers have been trained free of charge every year in recent years, with a training subsidy of 1,000-3,000 yuan per person. In Chengdu, Sichuan Province, a high-quality urban-rural employment training program was launched in April this year. Nearly 160,000 migrant workers will be trained free of charge during the year, striving to achieve a training employment rate of over 85%.
Upgrading of new generation of migrant workers into Dongguan
If skills training allows migrant workers to accelerate the transformation into modern industrial workers, then, for those new generation of migrant workers committed to taking root in Dongguan, we need to promote their integration into Dongguan through measures such as equalization of public services.
The report is still aimed at Dongguan. The sun is hot and the air is hot, but in Dongguan Xinke Magnetism Power Station, a 35-square-meter dormitory, there are seven people living in the room with air conditioning and fans, and a separate bathroom. Twenty-five

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