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     The profit spends along the shoes machine factory located at the economical developed manufacture, the headquarters suppose in the world skin have the production base lion range town. Is situated between Qingyuan and Guangzhou, the specialized environment is very superior, each kind of transportation facilitates extremely.
     The profit in 2000 established along the company has come, has received “the good faith, the responsibility, the research and development, the innovation” the management idea, “improves the product quality by the science and technology, stresses the brand construction develops the market” strategy development guidelines, forms the technical collaboration with Italian each major and medium sign, in several years, went out the development path which is characteristic, becomes the shoes machine profession to grow is quickest and most has the innovative spirit the well-known enterprise. 
      The company located at Huadu District Shi Gangcun (the people's park north side), the excellent surroundings, the collection scientific research, the work, the product demonstrates and the experiment, the service is equal to a body, in this attractive environment, benefits along the human is creating own dream. Goes forward with ALFA/VOLONTE and so on world-known brand cooperative production each kind of shoes machine, has formed the industry which the shoe factory entire factory shoes machine lose.
      The company carries out the ISO9001:2000 quality control system standard comprehensively, the true product quality and the grade of service meet the customer needs, causes the production
     Each product achieves the international CE safety mechanism authentication. in 2006 benefits along the shoes machine obtains China Performance test Association frequency to send “2003-2006 nation performance test stable certified product” the title of honor, becomes in Guangdong Province quality promotion summary activity to win this great honor only the enterprise, and will evaluate in 2006 by Guangdong Province tannery industry association and the Guangdong shoe industry manufacturer being selected “the Guangdong shoes machine five regulation services. Establishes a new school in the profession, the product is available throughout the country each region, and sells in distant markets Southeast Asia, becomes Chinese shoes machine profession rare and beautiful flowers!

        Unwise you, choose certainly the profit to be suitable, thanks use profit is suitable the product, introduced that the profit is suitable the product, we will be anticipating frequently serves for you!

          profit along sincerely to forever!

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