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Domestic molding machines must develop energy efficient and efficient machines.
From: YISHUN SHOES MACHINE Post date: 2018-11-01

    Domestic stereotypes must fully develop energy-efficient machines. Up to now, the number of products, enterprises, production, sales and market possession of the stereotyping machine industry has been growing rapidly, and has undergone an unprecedented change. In 2010, the output of the machine only exceeded about 10000000 units. There is no doubt that China has become the world's largest producer of yarn steaming machines. From the reality of energy consumption, China is facing new challenges of environmental problems. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of the steaming and setting machine and strengthening the operation and management are the effective ways to cut peak and fill valley, alleviate the bottleneck of our country's electric power, and have far-reaching strategic significance to our country's economic development and environmental protection. At present, the state is revising the efficiency standard of the yarn steamer, which will require that the energy efficiency of the setting machine be greatly improved. At the same time, we should also see that China's steamer manufacturers for energy-saving problems have always been in the situation of no pressure outside, no power inside. The power consumption of products is low and waste is serious. Especially for some small businesses, special machines and so on.
The following factors result in low energy efficiency of cotton yarn steaming yarn shaping machine.
The flashy marketing environment forces enterprises to spend a lot of energy on the peripheral and auxiliary technology of the products of the steamer, but neglects the core functions and key indicators (efficiency).
When the market capacity of cotton yarn shaping machine increases rapidly, enterprises focus on expanding production capacity, but less energy is invested in energy saving.
The state's macro management and control lack the compulsive effect on enterprises.
The price war caused by vicious competition makes enterprises bear enormous cost pressures, and the market endurance declines. Efficient products will inevitably lead to the decline of enterprise profits, and will not be recognized by the market. Therefore, enterprises lack the enthusiasm to develop, produce and sell energy-saving products. For large-scale, low energy efficiency, low price as the main characteristics of China's industrial humidifier enterprises, the new energy efficiency standards, they have lost the inherent advantages of low prices, but also lack of energy-saving technology reserves. In the increasingly cruel market environment, how to survive and develop has become a key issue facing enterprises. However, energy conservation has become China's national policy, regardless of the size of enterprises, only to vigorously develop energy-saving products is the only way out. Energy conservation has become China's national policy, regardless of the size of enterprises, only to vigorously develop energy-saving products in the market can have a better performance.

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