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Nine of the world's most advanced factories reveal the future direction of instrumentation industry.
From: YISHUN SHOES MACHINE Post date: 2018-11-01

Recently, the World Economic Forum released a list of the nine most advanced factories in the world, three of which are located in China. The nine selected factories demonstrated their outstanding application in the fourth industrial revolution and modernization of production.
At present, artificial intelligence is creating new markets, new opportunities, and reshaping the traditional industry development model and pattern. Especially with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, factories are becoming more and more intelligent. In the rapidly changing market, who can successfully use the fourth industrial revolution technology, improve economic and operational efficiency, who can stand firm.
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international institution with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, whose purpose is to study and explore the existing problems in the world economy and promote international economic cooperation and exchanges. Delegates from more than 100 countries and regions held in-depth discussions around the Fourth Industrial Revolution and other issues.
After a year of research, a total of nine enterprises came to the fore in more than 1000 factories. The nine companies are Bayer Biopharmaceuticals (Garbanatt, Italy), Phoenix Electric (Butterpitt and Bloomberg, Germany), Procter & Gamble (Czech Republic) Rakona, Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes (Cork, Ireland), Schneider Electric (Le Waldrey, France), Bosch Motor (Wuxi, China), Haier (Qingdao, China), Siemens. Industrial automation products (Chengdu, China), UPS Fast Radius (Chicago, USA). Of these, five are in Europe, three are in China and one is in the US.
The purpose of this selection is to help other enterprises learn and apply advanced technology and share successful experience. It is understood that the performance of these factories is 20% to 50% higher than that of ordinary factories, forming a competitive advantage. From the production characteristics of these nine factories, we can also see the future direction of intelligent factories in the manufacturing industry.
Customization of custom-made products
With the rapid integration of traditional industries and the Internet, the relationship between manufacturing enterprises and customers is also changing. In the past, manufacturing industry emphasized standardization and more than one. But in the future, the relationship between manufacturing enterprises and customers will be countless one-to-one, in the manufacturing industry can also achieve rapid, mass customization. In the future, all needs based on personal preferences will be respected by the market.
In this announcement, many factories have custom-made custom-made products. Bosch (Wuxi, China) and Haier (Qingdao, China) have built customized platforms for "order first, then make" products; Phoenix Electric (Butterpitt and Bloomberg, Germany) has built digital mirrors to fulfill the specific requirements of each customer; UPS Fast Radius (Chicago, USA) has built customized platforms for each customer. Global 3D printing centers and real-time manufacturing analysis to meet consumer demand for customizable products that can be quickly manufactured.
Many ways to reduce costs and increase output.
On the one hand, the construction of big data platform and the Internet of things is also one of the important trends in the future development. Big data and Internet of Things are the foundation of intelligent manufacturing. The application of big data, Internet of Things and data perception can help manufacturers improve marketing objectives, reduce logistics costs and inventory, and reduce the risk of production resources.
Bayer Bio-Pharmaceutical (Garbanatt, Italy) reduced maintenance costs by 25% and increased operational efficiency by 30% to 40% with its huge database; Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes (Coke, Ireland) reduced operating costs by 10% and machine downtime by 5% by using the Internet of Things to "communicate" with each other. .
On the other hand, in addition to the emergence of new forms of business, in the manufacturing industry, through a variety of technical and management means, constantly improve their manufacturing level and productivity, is also the focus of enterprise development.
Procter & Gamble's Rakona (Czech) plant can immediately change its production line by 20% and 160% with a single click of a button; Schneider Electric (Lvordrey, France) reduces energy costs by 10% and maintenance costs by 30% by sharing knowledge and best practices among factories; Siemens Industrial Automation Products (Chengdu, China) use 3D simulation, augmented reality and other technologies to improve the design and operation of the plant, resulting in a threefold increase in production.
From the characteristics of the nine factories, we can see that on the one hand, customer-centered service will become the mainstream of the future development of intelligent factories, on the other hand, through the Internet of Things, large data and various management tools and technical means, to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency of factories will become the amount of future development of intelligent factories. Important direction. It is noteworthy, however, that previous studies of the Forum have shown that due to improper technology implementation strategies, more than 70% of enterprises invested in large data analysis, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and other technology applications failed to survive the pilot phase.
Instrument industry as an important part of the manufacturing industry, in the face of the continuous changes in technology and the future direction of development, but also to seize the opportunity to seize the first opportunity for development, in order to remain invincible.

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