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YS - 888A type (modified) sole, rubber sheet, EVA roughing machine

The machine main features:
1, the machine adopts imported emery wheel (rod) with imported rubber transmission feed, operation, safety, emery wheel more wear-resisting, speed, etc
2, this machine is especially suitable for outsole film combination components of roughing, also for other roughing.
3, the machine grinding wheel can be adjusted according to the thickness of material properties required for roughing pressure and roughness, make coarse dust collection, but through their own aspiration system easy to clean up more environmentally friendly.
4, this machine is to break the traditional copper wire wheel and emery paper roughing caused by unsafe, slow speed, improve the staff work strength, improve the quality of products.
5, the machine adopts the special material, the rough design, to replace the manual grinding rough machining process, effectively improve the production efficiency, product quality and save human resources.
6, the machine is equipped with high-pressure spiral pump dust removal function, can in time will blow out the dust on the surface of the coarse grinding, grain. The machine work low noise, easy operation, safety, low malfunction, easy moving
The machine technical parameters and specifications
Model Model YS - 888 - a
Size Dimension L120 * H120cm W66
Weight 150 kg in Weight
Voltage Voltage 380 v
Power is the Power of 2.1 KW


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