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YS - 705 - eight standing type hot air reactivating machine

Yi shun company was founded in 2000 has come, has been adhering to the "integrity, responsibility, research and development, innovation" business philosophy, "to improve the quality of products of science and technology, building the brand to expand the market" the strategic development policy, with Italy's big brand and technical cooperation, in a few short years, walked out of a unique development road, shoes machine industry grow the fastest and most innovative spirit of the well-known enterprises.
Company is located in houjie town, dongguan city, a beautiful environment, integrating scientific research, office, product display, service is equal to the one with the experiment, in this attractive environment, yi shun people to create their dreams. Come forward to cooperation with world famous brands such as ALFA/VOLONTE production of various kinds of shoes machine, formed the shoe factory whole factory shoes machine industry.
The company fully implement ISO9001:2000 quality management system standards, product quality and service quality to meet customer needs, indeed make the production
Each of the products have reached the international CE safety agency certification. Yi shun shoes machine 2006 China quality inspection association of stable "2003-2006 national quality inspection qualified product" title of honor, become the only quality revitalizes compendium activities of guangdong province won the title of enterprises, and in 2006 by leather industry association of guangdong province and guangdong footwear manufacturers association named "guangdong shoes machine five routine service. Unique in the industry, product marketing throughout the country, and exported to southeast Asia, as China's shoes machine industry a wonderful work!


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