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YS - 764 four-post type cutting machine

The main technical characteristics:

Double oil cylinder, precise four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure, which ensure the completely same cutting depth of each cutting position.

Good stroke setting, adapt to the special thick material and high die cutter and cutting.

Mixer automatic slow cutting when the cutting knife and cutting down contact makes no size error between the top and bottom layers of cutting materials.

Pieces specially set structure to fit the cutting knife and cutting depth, make the adjustment of stroke is simple and accurate.

Pieces of the central automatic lubrication system can guarantee the machine precision and enhance machine durability.

The machine technical parameters and specifications

 Model YS-764
 Dimension  L133*W233*H176cm
 N.W  4500kg
 Voltag  380V
 Power  4kw
 Capacity  25000Pairs/8h
 Pressure  35T
 Oil  120kg

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