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YS - 722 - a high efficiency, energy saving, vacuum vulcanizing machine


The machine by using three-dimensional layered shoe box, put shoe space bigger, is a traditional single layer a few times.

Hunt after shoes with high temperature, steam to soften, eliminate the internal stress, when the vamp

Shoe surface smooth, not wrinkle, luster, lines; At the same time using the vacuum high-temperature vulcanizing

Type system; After dealing with the high temperature curing temperature to finalize the design of shoes line is more clear and beautiful, not only

Can eliminate internal stress between upper face make shoes more present a natural stripe of leather and fabric

Gloss degree, vacuum after upper more completely close to in the last, improve production efficiency and greatly

The quality of the product; Enclosed air mixing and hot air circulation, managing electric energy; Adjustable space,

Suitable for different footwear, according to the leather shoes and set the temperature of the different time, different steamed

Steam time, vacuum time, cooling time system can be adjusted according to the different leather.


The machine technical parameters and specifications

Model                 YS-722A

 Dimension           L130*W450*H1225cm

 Voltage               380V

 Power                16kw

Capacity             1500-2500pairs/8h


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