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YS - 684 - d four cold SiRe toe setting machine

The machine main features:
1, the machine refrigeration system using air cooling, victory points less maintenance, toe cold fast. And uniform distribution of shoes mold cooling effect, make the forming results is more stable.
2, the machine is equipped with positioning system, make the down speed accurately finalize the design, make the toe shape is consistent, quality more perfect.
3, the machine hot die is common, do not need to change mould, heater adopts digital display, make temperature more accurately.
Technical parameters:
Q model YS - 684
The power supply of 220 v
Power 2 HP
Mechanical size L900 W800) x 1800 mm
Packing size L1000 * W900 * 1900 mm
Net weight 150 KGS
Gross weight 190 KGS

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