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YS - 501 - b continuous multi-functional hot melt glue laminating machine

The machine main features:
Is the function of the machine by heating ginger upper and lining together, through continuous operation, the operators only need to put the material in the automatic conveyor belt, in the setting of bonding time, the machine working efficiency is high, the operation is very simple, is the production of high-end women's shoes, sports shoes, boots and leather one of the indispensable equipment.
1, automatically adjust the belt
2, silica gel belt is easy to clean
3, heating feed wheel surface with teflon layer to ensure that the surface level off is smooth.
The machine technical parameters and specifications
YS - 501 - b model
The heating temperature range of 0 ~ 160
Conveyor belt temperature range of 0 ~ 6 mt/min
Bonding pressure range of 0 ~ 6 kg/cm
Maximum machining width is 460 mm
Power 4.5 kw
The minimum working pressure of 4.5 bar
Net weight 300 kg

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