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YS-685 CF4HP two cooling four heat computer heel setting machine

The main features of the machine are:
In order to meet more customer requirements, we have introduced this new rear heel styling machine YS-685, the machine with two preheating
Mould + Two Cold Moulds, Cold Mould with Ordinary Pull-Up Shoe Heel Folded Metal Plate, Can Switch Machine in a Short Time
To produce flip-flop shoes or Goodyear shoes, you only need to change the flip-flop knife, because there is a special speeder on this machine.
Replacing the supporting platform with the machine, so only the specific program can be selected on the control panel display.
YS-685 has all the functions of standard CF4HP as follows:
Operators can set any working cycle parameters of the machine through the control panel, adjust the temperature of the hot and cold die, in error
The machine will warn when operating.
Machine cold die is usually made according to customer's last mold.
_Machine exterior mold, internal mold folding sweeper and gripper can be adjusted and replaced according to different shoe type, so that a machine can be
Used for production from children's shoes to men's shoes, including roller skates and different shoe types.
Machine equipped with cross projection lamp or pneumatic shoe upper mould positioning device with sweeping knife.
_Machine working cycle: the internal mold rod moves up to the rubber upper mold, after the upper mold closes, the sweeper works and the edge is fixed.
YS-685 is a fully functional product with all the configuration machines that the operator may need, including
A sweeping knife for ordinary shoes and a sweeping knife for working shoes.
Two stations, with two hot models, with control panel.
Four station type, two cold mould with edge sweeping knife, two hot die with shoe upper pull down claw.
Open battery safety protection system
Independent die with pull-down claw.
Machine technical parameters and specifications


 Model                        YS-685

 Dimension                    L156*W85*H202cm

 Weight                        665kg

Voltage                         220V

Power                           2.7kw

Capacity                     1200Pairs/8h

Air pressure               6bar



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