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YS-687 shoe mouth cold and heat setting machine

Main technical characteristics:
This machine is suitable for final shaping and shaping of finished shoes and shoes. Before the shoe was wrapped, the glue bonded to the heel was melted again by electric heating to the deformation shoe mouth, and then cooled and set. The stiffened heel is straight and straight, which improves the aesthetic feeling of the shoes. At the same time, it plays the role of dehumidification in the process of heating and cooling, and has the function of preventing mildew.
According to the material of shoe upper, the temperature of the hot top can be adjusted arbitrarily with its heating time.
The cooling temperature is fast, the cooling time can be adjusted, the minimum temperature can reach -15 degrees, and the shaping effect is good.
Be careful:
YS-687 is two stations, one cold one hot model.
YS-687A is four duty station two cold two hot type.
Machine technical parameters and specifications


Model           YS-687                         YS-687A

Dimensions   L70*W650*H125cm       L140*W650*H125cm

Weight          0.6Mpa                         0.6Mpa

Voltage         220V                            220V

Power           0.5kw                          0.5kw

Capacity        1500Pairs/8h                1200pairs/8h

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