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YS - 747 shoes MianRuan eliminate knit machine

The machine main features:

Pieces of shoes MianRuan eliminate knit machine used to true leather shoes get rid of wrinkles, eliminate the vamp should be using high temperature steam

Force, high efficiency to soften the instep, facilitate knot tied.

3 station boiler, pipe adopt stainless steel material, in order to avoid water discoloration, pipeline corrosion and

Shoe on pollution. Affect the fabric gloss.

Mixer equipped with temperature controller can be shown, can be used in accordance with the material to the best temperature (the temperature of the boiler is equipped with

Dual control, can effectively prevent overheating phenomenon).

In pieces with manual, automatic selection of flexibility.

Boilers are also pressure protection device, emergency exhaust passage.

In pieces the jet pipe is equipped with suction device, to prevent a large number of steam injection workshop and environmental humidity directly.

Easy to operate, the structure performance has been deeply the general customers trust. 

Model YS - 747

W75 L65 * * H159cm

Weight 150 kg

Voltage is 380 v

9 kw power

Production of 1800 pairs / 8 h









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