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YS - 766 rocker arm type cutting machine

The main technical characteristics:

1, special imported hydraulic system, the speed express, noise, low oil low winter.

2, hand press switch durable.

3, save electricity, motor 0.75 KW, very save electricity, and installation of the motor protection device.

4, energy saving, single arm relaxed, the operation is simple, safe, fast, low failure rate.

5, two kinds of cutting method of controlling the schedule set, the operation is convenient, accurate.

Mechanical technical parameters and specifications:


  Model   YS-766
 Dimension L115*W115*H170cm
 Weight  1200Kg
  Voltage  380V
 Motor Power  1.5Kw
  Capacity  2000Pairs/8h
 Cutting Force  20 T
 Table Area  6-15cm
 Electric supply Voltage  100*50cm

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