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YS-805 NIR near-infrared line double-decked fast dryer

1, uses the ordinary electric circuit, (may choose and match Simens computer control system) to coordinate the placard bottom work completely, processing, spreads, flow designs and so on combination, raise the production efficiency and the quality.
2, the two-layer equation design, separable opens the control instep and the big bottom temperature, according to the somatic anthropology principle, on the lower level synchronization transportation, the upper formation transports the big bottom, the lower level transportation instep, is the operator physical ability consumption reduces, the production efficiency increases.
3, this aircraft establish many group of temperatures, may momentarily choose the adjustment to need the temperature, the ease of operation is simple, temperature even stable.
4, placard bottoms, the drying oven is equipped with the glue water activation installment, the enhancement placard bottom binds the intensity.
 5, fast conveyor belts, are the shoe can be fast, the direct transmission to presses the bottom machine work position. Avoids the shoe decreasing temperature, favors the placard bottom to bind the effect.
 6, use the heated air circulation convection design, the heating is fast, the heat energy recycling, saves the electric power.
7, the gas draindown system uses the special convulsion installment, may discharge the waste gas and the resolver gas, is produces the operating personnel to avoid the glue water smell puzzle, meets the environmental protection requirements.
 suits the shoes to plant: Natural skin class athletic shoes, walking shoe, mountain boots and so on. Produces can establish:
(output decides complexity of according to the footwear processing, and plants according to shoes mixes production line man-machine establishment)

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