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YS-745The instep pressure burns machine

Machine main feature:
◆ this machine uses the double location work;
◆ upper formation aluminum mold installs the electric heating piece;
◆ lower level aluminum mold attaches high temperature iron Longpian, the effect is remarkable, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high.

◆ this type uses the pneumatic mechanism type transmission (built-in buffer gear, fine motion protective device), the structure is sturdy, is steady; The power consumption is small, the fuselage is facile; Is suitable the production line, the sample chamber, the formation line to form a complete set the equipment.
◆ this type has become the shoes field necessary ideal equipment; Its structure and the performance depth have been trusted the general customers.
Machine technical parameter and specification:

Model   YS-745
Size      L60*W120* H140cm
Weight      80kg
Voltage 380V
Power       3.5kw
Output 1800Pairs/8h

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