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YS-691 Automatic boots surface stereotypia machine (flowing tubing head pressure)

Machine main feature:
◆ automatic boots surface stereotypia machine visible instep area size adjustment needs the traveling schedule depth, needs the carrying capacity, the yummy treats speed, the stereotypia time, the stereotypia temperature according to the material quality characteristic adjustment, under the knife top material pressure, causes the instep stereotypia buckling to be more perfect.

◆ this aircraft visible instep buckling simple replacement knife mold, causes the instep buckling to be consistent with the shoe last buckling, reduces the loss.
◆ this aircraft uses the gas, the flowing tubing head pressure concurrent design, the air pressure foot, the yummy treats is stable.
◆ is suitable instep of buckling in various types instep finalizes, can also operate regarding the ultra big area ultra thick instep freely.

Machine technical parameter and specification:

Model YS-691
Mechanical size  L90*W92*H150cm
Packs size L103*W103*H166cm
Measures  only 680kg
Gross weight 760kg
Power 2.9kw
Output 1800Pairs/8h

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